Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adaya's CDH Story

In March 2011 at my regular doctors appoint they found fluid behind the neck of my unborn daughter during a regular scheduled ultra sound. The doctors were concerned because this meant 1 or 2 things. She had a chromosome problem or a heart defect. So late March I was scheduled for a amniocentesis. The results of the test showed on her 23 chromosome (which states your gender) showed her p leg was missing and there is something else attached there. The doctors are unable to identify what the extra piece is. In May of 2011 for another regular ultra sound they realized Adaya had CDH. Her heart was pushed all the way over to the left side of her chest and her lower abdominal organs were moving up in her chest. This has been such a hard time for me. But I looked at the bright side of things the fluids behind her neck had disappeared. But when I went to the fetal care doctors in July 2011 they noticed now Adaya is collecting fluids around her brain. And on top of all this I am in severe pain due to fluid the baby is not drinking so it is building up. So I have a extra 10 pds of fluid that is building up. I pray everyday for Adaya to come out crying so I can hear her soft voice. I hope I get to see her before they rush her away.